As I work for a global company, I have the great privilege of travelling the world through work. This year only I have been to Florida, Paris, Hong Kong, Chicago, Boston and very soon San Francisco.

The question is, how do business travels affect a couple’s relationship whether they are gay or straight? I can only speak for ourselves.

Initially, it was quite hard because our relationship was new and quite intense … and we were together almost 24/7.  We got so used to being together every single day and going to bed lying next to the one you love.

At one point, my partner got a little bit worried that this might affect our relationship. I must confess that I had the same concerns. Our relationship is the most important and most beautiful thing that has happened to us both and I wouldn’t want my job to put that in jeopardy. So we decided to lay our cards on the table and have a serious chat about it. I must confess that I enjoy my work very much … especially the travelling bit. Ever since I was in high school, I dreamt of having a job that involved taking planes and discovering different parts of the world. Never in a million years dared I to imagine that this was going to happen for real. You might understand why I was a little reluctant about giving this all up.

So, how do we manage to strike a balance between business trips and our relationship?

Even if this might sound very cheesy, we make sure to say how much we miss each other. It is important to let your other half know that you are not indifferent to being apart of one another.

We take advantage of the power of technology. Even if we are physically apart, we still keep in touch almost on a daily basis. We use Whatsap to send each other free text messages, voice messages and picture messages. We also take advantage of Facetime/Skype where we can see each other for free.


– My partner and I FaceTiming whilst I was on a business trip in Boston –

Working from Chicago

– On a business trip in Chicago –

As most of the time I am in a different different time zone, I make sure I have a chat with my partner either before I go to work or when I return to the hotel. I also try to share my travels with my partner by making videos and taking loads of pictures so he can be virtually part of my travel experiences.

I also realise that being apart for a certain amount of time does have it’s positive sides as well. Craig can focus on things that we don’t really have in common and take advantage of this time of solitude. For example, he is very passionate about his Japanese cartoons. And he also loves to paint. When I am away, he devotes himself into these kind of activities that I wouldn’t be able to get involved in anyway. He can also spend some quality and one to one time with his family and close friends.

I have come to the conclusion that giving each other a certain amount of space is also healthy for our relationship. We definitely don’t get bored of one another when we are back together under one roof as we have loads to catch up on. And during those weeks we are together, we make sure to enjoy ourselves and make the most of our time. On a more intimate level, after having been deprived from sex for a certain amount of time we seem to make up very well afterwards 😉

As far as we are concerned, business travels don’t necessarily need to have a negative impact on relationships. It can actually strengthen it as long as you keep your private and professional life balanced.